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Die Vielfalt des Segelsports spiegelt sich im umfangreichen Programm des Segel- & Reise-Kompentenz-Centers wider. Auch klassische Daysailor-Konzepte und alternative Segellösungen finden hier ihre Berücksichtigung.

Segeln ist für viele Menschen aber auch ein Synonym für Reisen und eine der urspünglichsten Formen der Fortbewegung. Fun-Regatten wie die Antigua Sailing Week oder die INTERBOOT Yachtwoche Mittelmeer verbinden beides und wurden 2020 ebenso vorgestellt wie verschiedene Traumreviere, die man als Segler unbedingt angesteuert haben sollte. Nicht zu vergessen sind Erlebnis- und Reiseberichte, die besondere Momente veranschaulichten.

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It’s a clear go for Vertical Pro from our side. Vertical Pro is a completely new format that finally meets all our requirements for a central platform.
We manufacture protective work clothing for a wide range of applications as well as textiles for sporting and outdoor use. Vertical Pro provides us with an “all-in-one” opportunity that we have missed on the market up to this point. We highly appreciate the synergy effects of being able to cover different markets simultaneously. As a manufacturer who produces in Europe, the November date is perfect timing.
Herbert Horelt, DEVOLD of Norway GmbH
Industry players whose field of activity is largely outside the climbing sports segment also feel addressed. “The VERTICAL PRO concept arrived conclusively and immediately aroused great interest in the company as a whole. As an international “performance leader” in all areas where safety at height is important, we see the new event as an opportunity for valuable synergy effects. The combination of expertise from the industry and specialist knowledge in climbing keeps creating new innovations from which users benefit - whether at work or in their free time.
Florian Wahl, SKYLOTEC GmbH
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